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Types of ESL Teaching Jobs in Tianjin

  • Kindergartens
  • Public schools
  • Private institutions (for children and adults)

If the idea to work in Tianjin as an English teacher sounds appealing to you, chances are, you’ll have to choose among those three places.

Most of the positions are for teaching young learners (between 3 and 12 years old) because enrolling children in English courses is a very popular trend now. The earlier, the better!


The main advantage of being employed at a public school or a preschool institution is a fixed schedule with weekends off and standard working hours – generally from 8 am to 5 pm. This gives you more free time and allows for evening outings.

However, there are many ESL jobs in Tianjin, where you can work with adult learners. Some mentors from abroad seem to prefer these opportunities because not everyone can teach children successfully.

General requirements

If you are used to adult students, focus on language courses and private training centers. But beware of the offers, stating that to teach English in Tianjin you always need to have a Bachelor’s degree. This is not true, you can teach here as long as you are fluent in English.

On the other hand, you can apply even if your degree is not in teaching. Also, being a debutant you can actually come to teach English abroad without certification.

Many schools offer free online or on-site TEFL courses, which will let you work in the education field afterward (the certificate is valid till the rest of your life).

Teaching in Tianjin, you can get very different schedules at training centers, which usually depend on the demand of students, your preferences and availability. There are many part-time offers, too, so you can combine and work for a couple of centers at the same time, which is not a rare practice.

Anyway, be ready to work till 9 pm and on weekends, as adult students tend to have more free time on Saturdays and Sundays. Classes may start relatively early on these days – at around 8 am or 9 am.


Salaries for English teaching jobs in Tianjin vary a lot, depending on the school, your qualifications, teaching experience, and nationality – yes, natives earn considerably more. Average hourly pay in this region is around 50 – 100 RMB ($7 – $15).

Standard wages start at 12,000 RMB  per month and can reach 18,000 RMB  for experienced and certified professionals.

What to expect from your role as an English teacher in Tianjin

  • 20-30 teaching hours per week
  • Up to 20 or sometimes 40-50 students per class (depending on the type of the school)
  • Up to 10 office hours (teaching related tasks)
  • Assure encouraging atmosphere in class
  • Enhance students to communicate in English
  • Develop their listening and speaking skills as much as possible
  • Use provided additional materials, audio and video
  • Organize conversation classes and do lesson planning
  • Go to teacher-parents meeting, if you are teaching English at a Chinese school
  • Provide feedback
  • Check tests and homework
  • Attend workshops and school cultural events


Even though Tianjin is the biggest waterfront city and the fourth most populated one in China, rental prices are very low. You can easily find a cozy place outside the city center for $250 a month plus around $62 – $69 for electricity.

But the good news about jobs in Tianjin for foreigners is that they don’t have to pay – teachers get free housing or a monthly allowance.

In this case, they can share a luxurious apartment with a fellow foreigner and save extra cash.

  • All newcomers get to choose the place to their taste. Apartments are always Western style, in safe areas and close to the school and attractions.
  • There will be an agent to help you with documents and the research.
  • You can get a bigger apartment if you are coming with your family.

Actually, teaching English as a foreign language in China, you get more, than anywhere else around the globe – both good salary and perks like free rent and bonuses.

ESL Jobs in Tianjin

Many foreigners wonder where to teach English in China since the country is huge and the list of cities endless.

You might try to look for jobs in Tianjin, one of the four municipalities and most populated cities in China. There are around 200 public schools and 49 official international language centers.

Finding a well-paid position here is fairly easy because the demand for foreign languages is extreme these days. Both state and private institutions are usually fully equipped, have all the necessary teaching material and devices.

Enthusiasts from abroad, willing to teach English in Tianjin, are always needed, highly valued and receive a hearty welcome from the local schools, where they get good salaries and extra bonuses, free trips and possibilities for professional development.

What Makes Tianjin Unique?

  • Language: Mandarin + local dialects
  • Population: over 15 million
  • Public Transport: international airport, 4 major train stations, subway (6 lines), buses, taxi
  • Climate: temperate, affected by monsoons

The Tianjin city is known to be the ancient port of Beijing. Now it’s a developed and independent city, where you can find whatever you like: Chinese monuments, Western-style architecture, a giant Ferris wheel, traditional tea houses, beautiful parks and so much more.

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