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Types of ESL Teaching Jobs in Shenzhen

  • Kindergartens
  • Public middle/high schools
  • Language centers

Shenzhen jobs are relatively diverse, but the emphasis is put on young learners and teenagers, so if you want to come and teach here, you should be ready to handle a class full of (pre) school children.

Schedules here are a bit less tense than in bigger cities, like Shanghai, but the demand is as high as everywhere else.

Students usually attend demo classes before enrolling, so every teacher should be ready to perform one. It’s important to make it lively and fun, introducing multimedia content, creative tasks and a lot of interaction, because that’s what foreign teachers are expected to perform best!

So, how much do English teachers make in Shenzhen?

It depends on the region, the school and the professional level of the teacher, but in Shenzhen, basic salaries start at11,000 RMB ($1,600) and go up to 15,000 RMB ($2,200) for experienced natives.

In fact, the local ESL market is considered almost the best-paid in the country, while the cost of living in Shenzhen stays very low.

The workweek of a TEFL teacher is typical: classes on Monday-Friday, then two days off. However, you can always choose a different schedule and work of the weekend and have your days off during the workweek.

What to expect from your role as an English teacher in Shenzhen

So, what exactly will you be expected to do? Usually, responsibilities are very typical for all language courses and public schools:

  • Teach 18-22 hours a week
  • Around 15-20 prep hours to spend at school
  • From 20 (training center) to 50 (public school) students in the class
  • Improve students’ speaking skills
  • Use video/authentic audio materials in class
  • Assist at school meetings, presentations, coaching/training, observe classes
  • Organize conversation classes, demos
  • Help evaluate new students’ English skills
  • Plan lessons
  • Write feedbacks, regular progress reports, answer students’ questions
  • Attend and take part in social events


Although apartments for rent in Shenzhen are not expensive and you can easily find a nice 45m2 place for as little as $570, teachers usually get free accommodation as the schools cover their rent.

It’s another way to encourage qualified foreigners and make them stay longer, because, let’s face it – China is very cheap, and if you get to save extra five hundred every month, you can make your life even more comfortable!

When you apply for any of the teaching jobs in Shenzhen, we start looking for an apartment for you through our reliable estate agents. What do you get?

  • Choose the district: do you want to live in a Western part of Shenzhen or settle in an authentic quarter?
  • Does the apartment have to be fancy or minimalistic? We will send you pictures of different places so that you could choose the one you prefer.
  • Do you want to have a flatmate? Some teachers prefer living with a fellow foreigner, not to feel lonely. In China ESL jobs let you meet new people from all over the world, so why not give flat-sharing a chance, if you feel like it?
  • You won’t have to spend hours to get to work, because we’ll make sure the place is near the school, big malls, and attractions. We do everything to make your life easier, so there is no chance for you to live on the outskirts!

What is it like to live in Shenzhen?

When you decide to teach English in China programs seem to be as diverse, as nowhere else. Shenzhen is on the list of the most popular ones.

Located in the south-east and really close to the Hong Kong Special Region, this city is one of the hottest destinations for job seekers all over the world. Imagine, that 30 years ago it was just a small fishing village.

Then, thanks to Hong Kong’s economic development, it grew very quickly into a huge and dynamic city, with its own eclectic culture, the atmosphere of freedom and excitement.

For many foreigners teaching English in Shenzhen is an opportunity to move somewhere with a pleasant climate, close to great Asian tourist destinations, where they could increase their income.

There are over 108 education institutions, including middle schools and 5 most popular language courses, all of which constantly need professional teachers to let children and adults learn to speak the language better and faster.

Both native and non-native speakers are hired here, so your nationality doesn’t really matter – language skills and your professional level are way more important.

What Makes Shenzhen Unique?

  • Language: Mandarin and Cantonese
  • Climate: subtropical with short mild winters
  • Population: 12,5 million
  • Public Transport: 1000 bus routes, subway (5 lines)

This middle-sized city is a wonderful example of the great potential of the Chinese economy. The most appealing thing about this place is that it has some of the best schools to teach English in China, offering good pay and a very high standard of life.

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