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Types of ESL Teaching Jobs in Guangzhou

  • Training courses for adults
  • Language centers for children
  • International schools
  • Public institutions (children aged 3-18)

The salary for ESL jobs in Guangzhou

Here is the key message to all those who want to teach English in China: salary mostly – but not entirely – depends on the actual amount of hours spent in class.

There are full-time positions and part-time ones. Plus, there is work experience, qualifications (extra certification, training), language level and accent, and nationality.

If you look through salary statistics for dozens of jobs in Guangzhou, you’ll see that there is no ‘standard’ wage for teachers – average employee gets between 10,000 RMB and 16,000 RMB, which equals .Normally, you negotiate the amount and your future schedule before you ever come to China and sign a contract.

What is the usual schedule?

Schedules are another important point: they differ considerably at public or private schools and language courses. The perk about ordinary schools is that you get to finish the workday earlier (by 4 pm or 5 pm), so you have free evenings and 2 days off on weekends.

The main inconvenience is that you have to wake up early as classes start at about 8 am. Guangzhou international school jobs offer similar working hours, but they hire English-speaking subject teachers as well, here the pay may sometimes reach 15,000 RMB or 20,000 RMB.

Types of ESL jobs in Guangzhou

At training centers the situation is rarely similar: as classes there start in the afternoon or evening, you get to sleep longer in the morning, but your working hours are till 8 pm or 9 pm.

Weekends off are not always a guarantee, but you’ll still get days off regularly.

‘Is it possible to teach adults in Guangzhou?’ you may wonder. Yes, but only at language centers, if you are ready to work late in the evening and come to school on weekends as well because that’s when your students need you.

What to expect from your role as an English teacher in Guangzhou

So, what exactly will you be expected to do? Usually, responsibilities are very typical for all language courses and public schools:

  • Teach 20 (private schools) or up to 50 students (state establishments) in class
  • Attend teacher-parent and school meetings
  • Outline courses, lessons
  • Use up-to-date materials, interactive whiteboard, audio and video
  • Enhance speaking, interaction in class, develop listening skills
  • Be creative, introduce games and group activities
  • Provide feedback, mark tests and written homework
  • Attend training, class observation and staff events


Foreigners don’t only get assistance in finding an apartment in Guangzhou, but they also get to live there rent-free, as teaching jobs in Guangzhou offer free housing as one of the bonuses.

You will be able to choose among several Western-style apartments in the safest areas of the city, close to your school, supermarkets, and local attractions.

What is it like to live in Guangzhou?

Formerly known by the name Canton, it might not be the first one you think about, but it’s the third biggest city in China with its ever-growing population. Guangzhou, China’s “international capital”, keeps attracting people from all around the world, and is especially appealing to those, willing to teach English in China.

Public and private schools are numerous – currently, there are at least 237 institutions and counting. Language centers for children and adults are very popular – there are over 300 of these.

ESL teaching jobs in Guangzhou are usually available for any level of educators – fresh graduates, new teachers, enthusiastic natives or professional mentors with years of experience.

The important thing is teaching jobs in China for non-native speakers are almost as well-paid, like the ones for UK, US or Canada citizens, because it’s really not always the nationality, that matters.

Chinese schools look for creative teachers, willing to encourage students to start speaking English, develop their communication skills and learn to survive in real-life conditions.

As traditional methods are based on the reading and translate principle, which often proves to be inefficient, modern teachers from abroad are expected to bring some fresh ideas and introduce fun activities in class.

Although ESL public school jobs in Guangzhou and training centers’ offers are different, all of them guarantee a decent pay, enough free time, allowances and bonuses for foreigners.

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What Makes Guangzhou Unique?

  • Language: Mandarin, Cantonese
  • Population: over 15 million
  • Public Transport: international airport, railway stations (4), subway (8 lines), 1000 bus routes, taxi
  • Climate: humid subtropical

Currently, Guangzhou is believed to be on the list of the best cities in China to teach English. Why is it so?

Firstly, because of the climate and tourist opportunities, since most foreigners don’t really want to find just a teaching position – they wish to discover local culture, have as many trips, as they can, and enjoy themselves!

Living in Guangzhou as a foreigner, whose mission is to help others start communicating in English, you get a well-paid job, access to the Guangzhou expat community, a unique chance to learn both Cantonese and Mandarin, explore the Southern part of the country, get lots of sunshine and warmth, and finally learn what they really eat here.

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