ABCRecruitment welcome applications for teaching roles on a year-round basis, and have teaching available in our partner schools with a start date coroles nvenient for you. It’s recommended to apply as early as possible to allow sufficient time to progress through the application process, find a school and a role which is a great match for you, secure a work Z Visa, and ensure you are fully prepared for your new and exciting job in China!


If you would like advice or have any questions prior to making an application, please email: [email protected]

Our friendly team are always on hand to answer questions.


Stage 1: Submit an Online Application

You’ll be contacted within 5 working days if we wish to progress your application to Stage 2, and a Coordinator will email you proposing a range of times for your initial telephone or skype interview to take place.

Applicants do  not  need to have a TEFL certification in order to make an application.  If you are currently in your final year of university, applications are welcomed at any time during your final year of study.

Please note that due to the large volume of applications received, we are unable to respond if your application has not been successful.


Stage 2: The ABCRecruitment Interview

Conducted  via telephone  or skype,  this conversation will be an opportunity to talk through your application, and to explain your motivations for wishing to teach English in China. Typically this interview will be conducted by our Recruitment Director or Operations Manager.

During the interview we will be interested to learn why you think that you will be a good candidate for teaching in China, and discuss any teaching relevant experience you may have. We will also be assessing whether we feel you have excellent communication skills, a flexible attitude and the ability to thrive in a very different culture.

We will also discuss any preferences you have regarding your ideal teaching job, such as a preferred location, age of students and type of organisation you wish to work for. If required, you will also be given some tips on how to amend your CV/resume to tailor it for an English teaching position.

You’ll then be encouraged to ask any questions, however big or small!

Following the skype/ telephone interview, you

will be informed via email within 5 working days

whether your application has progressed to


Stage 3: Review the English Teaching Positions Available

Congratulations on reaching Stage 3 of the application process! Here’s where things start to become more exciting! Your Coordinator will answer any further questions, remind you of the full application process and timescales, and follow up with more information on particular points discussed during your interview.

You will also be sent details of job roles that we feel meet your requirements, and which you are eligible for. When considering whether a job might be a good fit far you, think about the school/ company, location (both within China and within the city), working hours, age of students, accommodation provision, and remuneration.

Again, if you have any questions, just ask!


Stage 4: Interview with the School or University

If you feel that any of the roles could be of interest to you, your Coordinator will put forward your details to that school, and arrange a skype interview with their Director of Studies or HR Manager. Interviews tend to take place within Chinese working hours, between 10am- 4pm China time (CST), so keep this in mind when considering your availability.

As you would expect, schools use an interview to learn more about you, assess any relevant experience, and whether you have the attitude to teach the age group of their students.

Remember, after the formal interview has taken place you should use the opportunity to ask your interviewer any questions about the position that remain unanswered.

Your Coordinator will provide a guidance document on what to expect during the interview, and some tips on how to perform well. If you need advice at any time regarding how to prepare for your skype interview and the sorts of questions you might be asked, our team are here to help.

Some schools have a two-stage interview process, and may require you to join a second interview, or request that a short teaching demo video is made or task completed.


Stage 5: Interview Feedback and Contract Review

Either ABCRecruitment will provide feedback on your skype interview within 3 working days, and inform you of whether an offer of employment will be made.

If an employment offer is made, it’s time to carefully consider you wish to proceed; you should ask as many further questions about the position as you wish to before making up your mind, and may like to arrange a second conversation with the school. Where possible, at this stage we will link you up with a current teacher at the school to learn from their first-hand experience.

This is also the point at which to conduct further research, but remember to be critical when reviewing any information published online as not everything is completely accurate. Consider the source of the review, check when it was published, and consider the content.

ABCRecruitmnet quality assures all of its teaching roles, and conducts a due diligence process when working with a new school. Our Team regularly go out to China to visit new teachers first hand, and we keep in regular contact with teachers throughout the entire process.


Stage 6: The Contract

Should you be interested in proceeding, the school will email you a contract. The contract should be a thorough document noting the conditions of your salary, working hours, teaching hours per week, students per class, accommodation provision (if relevant), visa provision, medical insurance (if relevant), flight reimbursement (if relevant), conditions regarding overtime, and terms of the employer release letter.

Again, your Coordinator can provide advice on contracts and what to look for.

Once you have been offered a position you will be sent a Next Steps and Pm-Departure Guide, featuring lots of information about your next steps and matters to consider.


Stage 7: The Visa Application Process

You’ll now begin the visa application process, which typically takes a minimum of 6 weeks to complete. In order to apply for a work Z Visa in China, the school’s HR Office will need to have electronic copies of the following documents:

  • Degree Certificate
  • TEFL Certificate
  • Passport
  • Photograph
  • ‘No Criminal Record Check’ – Individual DBS check, Police Clearance, FBI Check etc
  • References
  • Medical Check -only in some cases


More detailed guidance regarding the work visa application process and the documents required will be issued to you once you have signed a contract. Your Coordinator will support you to prepare all of the documents required for a work visa, and guide you through the process.

Please note that after submitting all of the required documents to a school it can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks for their HR Team to apply for, and receive back, your visa paperwork and invitation letter.

This paperwork will then be couriered to your home address (4 working days), and is used in conjunction with an Application Form to submit your Work Z Visa application in your home country.


Stage 8: Pre-Departure Preparations

Only once your visa is In your passport do we recommend that you book your international flight. There is occasionally a delay in the paperwork being processed, and it is therefore risky to book a flight without being certain that your visa will be ready and in your passport in time – many cheaper flight tickets do not permit any amendments should any visa delay occur.

You can also refer to our online ‘Pre-Departure Checklist’ document to guide you on what to consider before you depart for China.

Your Coordinator will be in touch before you depart for China to run through various last minute points, provide points of contact and a ‘We Chat’ contact.

All at ABCRecruitmnet are here to support you throughout every stage of the application process, via personal correspondence through email, skype and telephone, as well as various documents and resource guides.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us at any time.