ABCRecruitment China

Our priority at ABCRecruitment is to establish a connection of qualified teacher with schools, Colleges and universities in China.

As most of you have already being through this experience that finding a professional institute abroad for teaching is quite difficult. Similarly, the institutes also feel that finding a qualified teacher is equally tough. This is where we come in, our motto is to access you profile and find you a highly paid job that you’re looking for.

There are number of teaching jobs available in China, however it is quite hard to find the perfect one that matches with your profile and needs. We will help you and ensure you that job you are looking for. We carefully screen all the education institutes to ensure our teachers know as much as possible about their school and the contract they will be signing with. So, you know ahead about your job duties and facilities provided to you by the institutes so you can feel comfortable and confident moving overseas.

We know that its hard to take a big decision of moving halfway across the world for a job over the internet. Therefor we at ABCRecruitment will help you in every aspect of legal requirements of documentation for the visa process.

Teaching English abroad is a global, multicultural endeavor but unlike typical recruitment services we at ABCRecruitment have taken a different approach of matching institutes with the teacher. We have contracts with only those institutes which genuinely care about their teachers, most of them are international level and are genuinely care about finding qualified teachers.

We believe and care for what we do. Teaching is a scared profession and when one has to taught abroad where it can have tremendous impact on understandings of cultural, belief and ideas which varies from your own. A number of teachers find this as an opportunity learn from your student as they learn from you. You can learn Mandarin, travel the country and meet fascinating people. At the same time, you’ll gain valuable teaching experience abroad in an organization committed to delivering the best training program to every student

If you have what it takes to be a caring and professional teacher? If so then we look forward working with you. Visit our job section and apply with us today!

English Teaching Jobs in China:

Teaching in China, is a great opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of Chinese people and their culture. We have students of all ages from 3-years old to professional level students of universities. We are currently interested in hiring teachers specialized in teaching. We believe that teachers are great asset and we provide them the support the require to execute their jobs well. We have a standard contract for teaching jobs in China and offer one of the best benefit packages available.

Kids Teaching Jobs:

If you’re interested in teaching young learners through interactive activities then become a professional teacher in one of our kids and teen school, where students are mostly aged from 3-18 and are interested to get interactive lessons from you.

We at ABCRecruitment have a lot of schools located in 40+ cities. Whether you prefer to live in a big city or in a smaller, more rural area, we just have the right place for your needs and wants. Here’s a little bit more about each one:


Our requirements to become a professional teacher in China are quite simple and can be broken down into three categories:

  • In order to teach Chinese students, we need you to be educated as well by at least possessing a Bachelor’s degree. The subject of your Bachelor degree is not an issue at all. As long as you have your original degree from your 4-year university (or equivalent), we’ll consider your application.
  • The reasoning behind this is simple; in order to teach a subject in English, you need to hold a passport from one of the following English-speaking countries; the US, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
  • This is only required for English teacher requires, a 120-hour TEFL certification in order to consider your application. Don’t have one? Don’t fret – its very easy to get one these days.

Application to Arrival:

Upon your arrival in China, you will be welcomed at the airport by one of our official persons. You will either have housing provided, if not then we will assist you in finding a suitable accommodation, introduce you to your colleagues and give you the training you need.

Teaching visas and work permits:

As a reputable company, we provide legal teaching jobs in China with correct working papers. Based on the country’s foreign employment guidelines, teachers are required to obtain a working Z-visa prior to their arrival. A visa is essential to enter the country and can be simply obtained at the Chinese embassies or consulates in your country of residence. Attaining this visa can take up to 2 months so it is best to plan accordingly.

Chinese language lessons:

While you are teaching English as a foreign language at China, you may want to learn one yourself too, language classes for the city in which you reside will be made available to you.