ZSA is an International K-3 School using the International Baccalaureate framework to teach the Cambridge curriculum. We’re seeking an outstanding teacher to join our team of teachers from the US, UK, CAN, IT, and SP, lead by a foreign principal. All our teachers work in modern facilities with SmartBoards, 3D printers, MakerSpace, iPads, and other resources needed to create an inquiry-based learning approach and bilingual learning environment.

Details :

IB Homeroom Teacher (Kindergarten and Grade 2)

 ZhongShan Academy – Beijing  August 2019

 2 years contract

 Schedule: 8:00 – 4:50 Monday to Friday (rotating 7:30 early start)

 Max 20 Students, 3-5 years old

 Smartboards, Managebac, Chinese Co-teacher and TA

IB Homeroom Teacher  Responsible for the day-to-day management of the classroom together with the Chinese Homeroom teacher. In line with the IB programs’ transdisciplinary philosophy, they also collaborate with other subject teachers to increase students’ English language acquisition.


• Manage, create, and deliver lessons based on a given IB framework

• Report to the principal on the development of the students

• Effectively implement the IB curriculum and assessment criteria as set out in the IB Subject Guide

• Work collaboratively with other subject group members to develop common unit plans and assessment strategies, share resources, etc

• Engage in dialogue with the parents and other members of the community

• Represent the school at events, open days, and workshops

• Attend mandatory IB certification/training workshops


• Native English speaker

At least 1 years’ experience within a structured curriculum

• Experience or familiarity with the IB program a plus

• Montessori or Reggio experience a plus

• PGCE or a BA in Education, Linguistics, or Early Childhood Education preferred

• A positive, patient, and enthusiastic attitude working with children


Compensation and Benefits:

• 17,000 – 25,000rmb

• 4,500 Housing allowance

• Meals subsidized

• Full salaried Summer (1 month), Spring (1 month), and holidays (1 month)

  • Expatriation and Repatriation flights covered

• Additional yearly travel 8,000rmb subsidized

• Relocation allowance, assistance, and temporary accommodation

• Work Visa and Resident Permit sponsorship

• Free tuition for 1 dependent

• Insurance

• Sponsored IB workshops and training Staff Workload Plan


Typical Week:

A typical week for teaching staff at Oriental Cambridge International School runs from Monday to Friday. Formal teaching classes commence at 8.30 AM and activities/sport normally conclude at 4.00 PM, when the day students leave for home. The academic day concludes at 5.00 PM, when teachers may depart.

Teachers should perform all the normal activities of a professional teacher which often require outof-hours work.

Occasionally the “typical week” will include a Saturday (or Sunday) in lieu of a weekday public holiday.


Normal Duties of a Teacher include: 

  • Preparation of classes
  • Teaching classes
  • Setting assessment
  • Correcting students work and providing feedback
  • Meeting with students
  • Meeting with parents as required
  • Attending assemblies
  • Meeting with faculty and peers
  • Perform covers for absent staff (to a maximum number per month)


However, teaching is a professional activity that covers a broad range of activities that may extend beyond the typical activities listed above.


Teachers will normally teach 20 periods “face-to-face” to allocated classes on the timetable and also complete the following:

  • 2 x activity/sport sessions per week
  • 1 x evening study supervision (per fortnight) or a boarders study/extra activity session (per week)
  • 2 sessions of yard duty per week OR 1 x Homeroom Tutor Daily
  • 1 x Professional Development meeting
  • 1 x staff or faculty meeting

Extra activities or duties may be given in lieu of a lighter teaching load

Homeroom Teacher:  (Chinese Bilingual)

This appointment would comprise 5 periods of workload allocated to homeroom duties throughout the week. Therefore, a typical workload for a homeroom teacher would be HR duties and 15 faceto-face periods of teaching.

Open Days:

International staff may be required to undertake occasional duties in conjunction with the Admissions Department, as part of student recruitment to the school. These Open Day/Exposition activities may occur on a Saturday or Sunday. International staff will be rostered for the calendar of these days.

Duties for these days may include:

  • School tours
  • Demonstration Lesson
  • Student Interviews

Positions of Responsibility:

Staff may be appointed to a Position of Responsibility. These staff would be given an allowance of time, or extra payment, or both.

Examples of PoR are: Faculty Leader, Subject level coordinator, Activities Coordinator, Events and Assemblies Coordinator and other organisational positions that may arise.