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Normal Duties of a Teacher include:

  • Preparation of classes
  • Teaching classes
  • Setting assessment
  • Correcting students work and providing feedback
  • Meeting with students
  • Meeting with parents as required
  • Attending assemblies
  • Meeting with faculty and peers
  • Perform covers for absent staff (to a maximum number per month)


However, teaching is a professional activity that covers a broad range of activities that may extend beyond the typical activities listed above.

students refine their oral English skills and basic reading ability.    AU-Fthenakis teachers must be naturally energetic and incorporate fun and games into their classrooms and lesson plans. Your goal should be to make teaching fun for you.

Start with a year long contract. Long term teachers preferred.

We do require you to attend 1 week teacher training before you start teaching with us. There will be no fee charged, though there is also no payment for the training. But you will be provided free accommodation and 500RMB for the training allowance.



American or Canadian teachers only.

A Bachelor’s degree or above is required.

Proof of a clear criminal record required.

120 Hour-TEFL/TESOL certificate is required for teachers who have less than two years working experience. The school will help you to get one if you don’t have it.

English language /Education majors don’t need to fulfill requirement  number 4.

Experience with teaching children  or related majors are preferred

You must enjoy teaching and take your job as a teacher seriously. We want teachers who are open to learning new teaching methods and sharing their own ideas and experiences. You will be responsible for preparing class lesson plans for your classes

Must be very active and energetic in the classroom. Ideal teachers have an easygoing, patient, motivated, passionate, energetic, and creative personality.



Around 12 months. Salary 20,000-24,000RMB(around 17,200-20,200RMB after tax without apartment or 14,200-17,200RMB with apartment).

We offer perfect attendance bonus (no lateness or absence), 200RMB monthly, 1000 RMB bonus per semester, twice a year.

Upon completion of the contract, there will be a 5000 RMB bonus.

A working visa and foreign expert certificate.

Airfare reimbursement from your country(Within 8000rmb).

Free TEFL certificate. (You pay it before you start, and the school will reimburse it when you finish the contract.)

Salary advance up to 4000RMB.

Free Chinese classes, 3 hours per week.

During February and August there are 3 to 4 week long holidays and you will be paid hourly for any work that you do. The standard fee is 150 RMB per hour.

Accident Insurance for one year is provided. We also provide medical reimbursement of 2000 RMB per year .

For renewing the contract there will be a raise of 2000 RMB per month.


Your Future at  AU-Fthenakis

To become a trainer or manager, and build a teaching career in China. We recruit trainers and managers from inside our team. All of our trainers and managers have taught at least two years fulltime at    AU-Fthenakis and have experience teaching multiple levels of our curriculum. We want you to succeed and excel.


Salary System:

bonus + Accident Insurance + 2000 RMB medical reimbursement.

Second Year Salary: 2000RMB salary raise.

There will be yearly raise of 1,000 RMB after that.

First Year Salary: 20000-25000

free Chinese classes+5000 RMB yearly