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How it Works

1. Apply

Choose from hundreds of ESL jobs based on your preferences for student age and location

2. Interview

Our recruiters will answer any questions and set up Skype interviews for you with the schools

3. Start Work

Once you have accepted a job offer, your work visa is processed and then you begin work

4. Free Service

The entire recruitment process is completely free of charge. We make a fee from the school so you do not pay us anything, ever.

More than your typical ESL teaching job board

All the schools listed here have been screened in depth by us, we speak to the school director, HR manager and current teachers to find out detailed information about these ESL jobs in China and other countries, including the school, course material, facilities and much more.

All these ESL teaching jobs in China and other countries have been hand selected by us, which is why you will not see an option for just any school to post an advert here. We have been working closely with most of these schools for many years now. They all have clearly laid out contracts and provide legal work visas for their teachers.

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